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Month long journey of demystifying meditation and making mindfulness feel more accessible.

Online Meditation

What you can expect:

  • 15 minute practice

  • 10 minute practical mindfulness tips​​

  • 5 minute sharing/q&a

  • optional to share your screen

​*As the month progresses, practices get longer​​​

Mondays-yoga nidra

Also known as Yogic Sleep, this meditation practice, done laying down, is restoring and deeply healing.

7pm EST

wednesdays - Mindfulness & Metta

Mindfulness is the "the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, and without judgment." Jon Kabbat-Zin

Metta, also known as Loving Kindness meditation is a practice that supports us in expanding our window of resilience.

7:30am EST

Thursdays - breathwork

Although breathing is an automatic function, when we truly begin to pay attention to it and attempt to direct the flow, stilling the revolutions of the mind becomes more accessible. This class will be a combination of science backed ancient and new breathing techniques that will leave you more equipped to understand how to harness the breath in real time.

7:30am EST

Sundays at the garden

These classes are filmed with a live class at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden with the option for you to join live through zoom. Sundays are a combination of Breathwork, Mindfulness and Metta.


Topics Covere

Topics covered:

meditation technique (posture, time of day, length of practice)

releasing over-rumination

increasing concentration

reducing reactivity

stress resilience

...and much more​


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