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about HHYP

Happy Hearts Yoga Project's primary objective is to "gently shake the world" with a focus on improving our communities from the inside, out, and beyond. Through yoga practice, meditation, retreats, and charitable giving events to ethical causes, Happy Hearts Yoga Project works to relieve stress and spread love with responsible philanthropy. With healthy bodies and happy hearts, the goal at Happy Hearts Yoga Project is to support a more compassionate way of living.

HHYP founder/
meditation & yoga teacher

Franci Blanco

As a Regional Charitable Giving Ambassador at Lush Cosmetics, one of my main responsibilities was to help find non-profits that Lush could monetarily contribute to. It was also an expectation to engage staff members in volunteering with these organizations. While researching groups, I felt incredibly inspired by them to take more action. Most of the groups had a common theme, their core had a group of dedicated and good-willed laborers willing to work diligently to create paradigm shifts, regardless of what an uphill battle that might be.


The gravitational pull I experienced in this role and intense desire to do more consumed my thoughts. What "more" meant, I was not exactly sure, but I knew that I wanted to immerse myself deeper into the world of Charitable Giving and provide any little support I could to non-profits in the realm of human empowerment, environmental conservation, and animal protection. 


Luckily for me, Lush approved me leaving my Regional Charity Role for six months and I was able to travel to India, Thailand, and Borneo. I searched for volunteer opportunities that worked in one of the realms mentioned above and threw myself into a six-month journey to understand issues that were near and dear to my heart. I found myself saying I had a “happy heart” very often throughout the process and I realized that although I thought I was going on a journey to "help" and volunteer, it was actually the other way around. Offering the little bit of work and service was truly helping me feel lifted and gave me a new perspective and appreciation of life.


education & experience

  • BA in Sociology from University of Florida

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training from Vinyasa Yoga School, Rishikesh, India

  • Anatomy weekend workshop w/ David Keil

  • Prison Yoga Project weekend workshop

  • Yoga Sutras weekend workshop with Edwin Bryant

  • Asana Adjustments weekend workshop with Tim Feldmann

  • 2 separate week long breath workshops with Time Feldmann

  • Pranayama 6 week online course with Richard Freeman

  • Power of Awareness 6 week online training with Tara Brach, Ph.D. and Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.

  • Positive Neuroplasticity Training - Professional Course 6 week training with Rick Hanson, Ph.D. 

  • Attended two -10 day traditional Vipassana retreat

  • Co-hosted a volunteer trip for Lush Cosmetics employees to Cambodia

  • Hosted 2 retreats to India with a "give back" element 

  • Hosted 1 retreat to Tulum, Mexico

  • Hosted 1 retreat in Thailand with a "give back" element

  • 4 years of teaching yoga & meditation at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

  • Developed an 8 week Meditation program for individuals & corporate clients

  • Worked as a Regional Charitable Giving Ambassador for Lush Cosmetics for 4 years22

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