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Happy Hearts Yoga Project is a collective of yogis and heart healers, whose primary objective is to "gently shake the world" with a focus on improving our communities from the inside, out, and beyond. Through yoga practice, meditation, retreats, and charitable givings events to ethical causes, Happy Hearts Yoga Project works to relieve stress and spread love. With healthy bodies and happy hearts, the goal at Happy Hearts Yoga Project is to support a more compassionate way of living.


UNSHAKEABLE - journey to resilience

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Learn to ride the waves with more balance and bounce back with more grace. 

Science backed practical mindfulness tools that will help you find a deep sense of calm and inner joy. 

With all of the uncertainties as a global community, it is more important than ever to train our mind.

Learn and practice empowering tools that allows us to stay present and respond to stress instead of reacting.

Dharamsala Journey 2019